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I UK [juːz] / US [juz] verb
Word forms "use":
present tense I/you/we/they use he/she/it uses present participle using past tense used past participle used
1) [transitive] to do something using a machine, tool, skill, method etc in order to do a job or to achieve a result

Using a computer is so much quicker.

What type of soap do you use?

Using all his charm, he managed to persuade them.

use something for something:

Psychological tests are used for selection purposes.

use something for doing something:

Methane gas is used for heating and generating power.

use something as something:

I had to use a ski as a tent pole.

use something as an excuse/reason:

They used the recession as an excuse to get rid of workers.

2) [transitive] to get a benefit for yourself from something that is available to you

Only about 30 people regularly use the bus service.

3) [transitive] to take an amount from a supply of something in order to do a job or to achieve a result

You've used all the hot water again.

Most of that paint was used on the kitchen.

4) [transitive] to treat someone in an unfair way, for example by pretending to care about them so that they do what you want

You know he's just using you.

use someone for your own ends (= to get what you want):

Liz has always used people for her own ends.

5) [transitive] to say or write particular words

Don't use language like that in front of your little brother.

use something to do something:

McClaren used the same words to describe his feelings.

6) [transitive] if you use a particular name, you call yourself by a different name from your usual one
7) [intransitive/transitive] to take illegal drugs regularly

In jail, he continued to deal and use drugs.

She's using again.

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [juːs] / US [jus] noun
Word forms "use":
singular use plural uses
1) [singular/uncountable] the act of using something
use of:

the use of resources/technology/computers

Farmers are reducing the use of pesticides on food crops.

Their unnecessary use of force has endangered peace efforts.

2) [countable/uncountable] a way of using something

These rollers have a variety of manufacturing uses.

use of:

This is not the best use of your talents.

use for:

I kept hoping to find a use for it.

3) [uncountable] the right, an opportunity, or permission to use something
have the use of something:

We can have the use of the hall every Thursday.

for the use of someone (= only for them to use):

The pool was built for the exclusive use of residents.

4) [uncountable] the ability to use a part of your body or mind
lose the use of something:

He lost the use of his legs in a car crash.

5) [countable] a meaning of a word, or a way of speaking or writing a word

This use is common among young people.

be no use at (doing) somethinginformal to be very bad at doing something

I'm no use at mending things.

have its/your uses — often humorous to be useful in some situations or in some ways

I know you don't like him, but he has his uses.

in/out of use — being used regularly/not being used any longer

I'll be glad to see the building in use again.

there's no use (in) doing somethingspoken used for saying that something you do is not likely to have a successful result

She realized there was no use arguing with him.

what's the use?spoken used for saying that something is not likely to have a successful result, and so there is no point in doing it

What's the use? We're bound to lose anyway.

what's the use of doing something?:

What's the use of complaining?

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